3 Generations of Service & Innovation

The Pierce Family


Dick Pierce


Dick Pierce, co-founded My Little Salesman with Cliff Womack in 1958. Dick Pierce is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been on the cutting edge of many industries. He spent his work life not just building great companies, but with a belief in his heart that if he helped the people he worked with reach their dreams, then his would be achieved as well. Dick guided the Pierce Family of Companies from 1964 until 2004 when he handed the operational management over to his son Jason Pierce. Dick remained actively involved in the companies until 2008. He instilled in our companies a sense of hard work, fairness and belief that the customer’s needs come first. We follow these beliefs today thanks to him.

Today Dick lives in his home in Oregon, with his wife Kay. He spends his time enjoying retirement and visiting family and friends. He also keeps a keen eye on the company he founded in 1958 and stays up on how it is meeting customer needs.

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Jason Pierce


Jason Pierce, youngest of four children began working for the Pierce Family of Companies at age 15. He began as both the daytime janitor after school and the company’s official Secretary. This education in business gave Jason both the understanding of what the most basic operations and customer expectations were while at the same time educating him in the upper level finance and business operations.

Jason’s career with the Pierce Family of Companies took him to all aspects of sales, marketing, production and operations in more than 8 different companies teaching him the joy of creating and building something that meets customer needs.

CEO of all Pierce Family of Companies owned businesses, since 2004, Jason has been through many transitions of a variety of industries. Today he leads the Pierce Family of Companies in the development of next generation tools for both buyers and sellers of Trucks, Trailers and Heavy Equipment.

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Bailey Pierce

Sales Representative

Bailey Pierce, eldest son Jason Pierce, joined the Pierce Family of Companies in 2017 as a Territory Sales Manager for My Little Salesman. During his time at Pierce Family of Companies he learned that his true love is helping people find that product or service that really makes their lives better. To that end Bailey told his dad one day that he truly wanted to help families make their dreams come true. He recounted how he remembered each time the family moved into a new home. He remembered the joy that move brought the family and wanted to provide that to other families. So, Bailey followed his heart and dreams and is now a Real Estate Agent in Austin, Texas.

If you need a home in Austin and want a real estate agent who truly has your interests in mind, contact Bailey Pierce


Elena Pierce

Director of Operations

Elena Pierce, wife of Jason Pierce, joined the company in 2017 as Director of Operations. Elena, an engineer by education, spent 20 plus years in large-scale mixed-use development on projects in Russia.

She oversaw and managed the expansion of Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts into Russia in the Mid to late 1990’s, and then moved on to be General Director of several large-scale development projects overseeing them from concept to completion and management.

Elena brings her specialized work history brings new expertise and ideas from allied industries to our original product lines in the areas of Inventory Management, Project Management, and Customer Service. She is responsible for all financial aspects of the company and co-manages the day to day operations with her husband Jason.